Baby Shark is the first YouTube video with more than 10 billion views

“Baby shark” became the most viewed YouTube video of all time in November 2020, and just over a year later it has reached another huge milestone: it has become the first YouTube video to have more than 10 billion views.

“Baby Shark” is a cultural touchstone right now. I remember singing it at summer camps growing up, and given the record-breaking popularity of the music video (which was created by the entertainment company Pinkfong), it seems I’m not the only person who will never forget this song. (I’ve been aimlessly tapping my foot to the beat in my head the entire time I’m writing this post.) But the song’s impact doesn’t stop with the earwig slap. There is also a Baby Shark show on Nickelodeon, a Baby Shark movie, and yes, as you may have feared, Baby Shark NFTs.

If you are curious about the other most watched YouTube videos, Wikipedia seems to have an extensive list. The second most watched at the time of writing is Luis Fonsi’s “Despacito”, which held the crown before “Baby Shark” did, although with 7.7 billion views it still has a long way to go to try and catch the shark. . (And I hope by mentioning another extremely catchy song, I got “Baby Shark” out of your head for the day.)

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