How to clean your $19 Apple Cleaning Cloth

Here’s the scenario: You’ve managed to get your hands on Apple’s most popular product, the $19 Cleaning Cloth, intended for cleaning nano-textured screens and other Apple devices. But oh no! Instead of hanging it up with the rest of your precious artifacts, you accidentally used it to clean something, and now it’s dirty. Luckily, Apple gave us a guide on how to make our fabric as good as new, and 9to5Mac brought these instructions to our attention.

Are you ready? Here’s How Apple’s “How to clean the nano-textured glass on your Apple display” support article describes the process:

1. Hand wash the polishing cloth with detergent and water.

2. Rinse thoroughly.

3. Allow the polishing cloth to air dry for at least 24 hours.

The instructions have been on Apple’s website for at least a few months, according to the WayBack Machine, but despite a handful reviews or Article while I mentioned them, I hadn’t come across them yet. That’s a real shame – other people who also didn’t know about the instructions may have thrown out their precious polishers because of a bit of dirt, wasting $20 simply because the cleaning instructions are buried on a support page rather than being included on a label, or embossed on the fabric itself. (I’d also settle for a top-notch placement on the Apple homepage, where all the people of the canvas spend their day.)

The instructions themselves are also a bit disappointing – in the end Apple tells us to wash the cloth like we would any other delicate fabric. At least it’s back in stock.

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