Motu Patlu

Motu patlu is an Indian animated mini-series directed by Suhas Kadav and written by Niraj Vikram. The show’s theme song, Motu patlu ki Jodi is formulated by Sandesh Shandilya and hummed by Sukhwinder Singh. This series is composed by cosmos-Maya Studios and Viacom. It is altered from the classic comic strip Lotpot. Pakistani children also love to watch this mini-series. This comedy mini-series was generated on 16 October 2012.Motu Patlu in 2022 make a massive achievement for this sitcom team is to complete  1000+episodes and keep children’s interest for ten years.

Motu Patlu Overview

It concentrates on two friends one name is Motu, and another name is Patlu. Funny, dominative, and loveable are the words that best present the characters of this mini-series; both live in Furfuri Nagar, known as a fictional town, whereas later in the series, they live in another great town known as Modern city. In this comedy series, Motu works with most favorite characters, which children like the most, and have a keen interest in seeing the different challenges of every episode. In the 2019 series, Motu and his friend toured Europe, but later in 2021, they visited other Indian places to make an excellent sitcom. It is one of India and Pakistan’s most famous children’s series.


Motu is one of the simple characters in Motu Patlu in 2022. His brain doesn’t work if he can’t eat samosas. He is voiced by Ben Bleddose in the English dubbed episodes but in the Indian dubbed episode, spoken by Saurav Chakraborty, and in Tamil dubbed episodes, voiced by Sebastian. Motu lives in a rented house with his friend Patlu. He has a great love of samosas because his brain doesn’t function with an empty stomach. If he smells then reaches toward samosas, he mostly dreams about samosas to eat hundreds of samosas. He is interested in social work but is in trouble with his friend patlu. He is not educated and has no job skills but tries to do the job as a bodyguard, the delivery boy. Constable, cleaner but trapped in trouble with company staff and get fired.

When he tries to do his business with Dr. Jhatka and Ghasitaram but fails due to motu’s foolishness, motu calls people by saying bare/boro. Bhaiya, which means in English is big brother. In recent series, he visited all Indian places such as the Taj Mahal, Gateway of India, Tea estate of Assam, Kerala backwaters, Hawa Mahal, Qutub Minar, and Victoria Memorial. But in the previous series, he was touring European countries such as Albania, Russia, Uk, France, Italy, Switzerland, etc. Motu and his friend always make a plan to visit different places of the world they can’t stay at once home; In short it can say that motu and his friend are a lover of traveling

Motu Patlu personality

Patlu is quite generous, but Motu is very hot-headed .he dreams of becoming famous, rich, and a hundred samosas. That’s why Motu is automatically attracted to samosas and steals the samosas from the Chaiwala shop.  Mostly shopkeeper ignores the motu because he knows samosas are the weakness of Patlu friend Patlu is very passionate and hardworking, so he doesn’t like motu’s laziness. He gives samosas to motu to active his brain because motu becomes upset if he can’t get samosas. Patlu performs his housework very efficiently because he knows motu always refuses me if I tell him to do work sometimes. Due to his childishness, he often fails by doing work and also fails to handle Scams.

Motu is intelligent, can do each work perfectly, and understand the situation very deeply, but he is innocent compared to Patlu. Motu shows ridiculous regret once he thinks he did something terrible. He plans to achieve significance and is also passionate about helping the people of Furfari Nagar, but he always fails due to his best friend. Every episode of this sitcom creates more interest in children. That’s why Viewers have watched the motu patlu movie since 2012 and are happy and don’t get bored.

Physical Appearance

Motu Patlu lives together in Furfari Nagar in a rented house, but later, they purchase this house. Motu is a short and healthy man in his 30 years of age He looks slim and the smartest in the city. He doesn’t like samosas but loves to read the newspaper. Patlu’s famous dialogue in this series is “Idea” and “Motu Kuch Karo” while Motu has balding in the head area and hairs around the ears, Patlu is smart slim, and tall than Motu. He has hairs around the head area. Motu has a mustache, but Patlu has a clean-shaven face. Then he comes to the new Modern city, his costume changes with his signature red tunic and vest, which is now a light blue. During the touring period, motu and his friend’s dressing remains the same.

Friends and enemies

  • Patlu

The Motu Patlu series revolves around Patlu, his best friend of Motu. Patlu is a slim man who serves as one of the show

Central champion. Motu and Patlu love each other and still care for one another.

  • Motu

Motu is also the main character of this sitcom, .who loves samosas. His strength, vision, and intelligence increased after eating his favorite food. He often traps in some trouble by some bulky actions. Then he says to his friend Patlu “Khaali pet mere dimaag ki bat Nahi chalti tum hi Kuch Karo” this means Motu’s brain does not function with an empty stomach.

  • Inspector B. Chingum

Chingum plays a role as a police inspector in the mini comedy series. He wears a “khaki” uniform decorating his name tag. He helps the motu and Patlu when both face trouble because the inspector knows they are not involved in any criminal. On the European tour, he purchases a green scooter.

  • Ghasitaram

Ghasitaram claims he has 20 years of experience in his field, but few of his experiments are helpful to others. He is also a lab assistant of Dr. Jhatka and urges Motu Patlu to test Dr. Jhatka’s inventions. He wears brown shoes, a dark brown vest, purple dhoti, and a cobalt blue tunic. His dressing is a parallel version of Patlu.

  • Jhatka

In previous episodes, he was a dentist, but in the newer series, he is a famous scientist with 20 years of experience. His accent is like a Sardar referred to as a Punjabi man. He was dressing as a parallel version of Motu. His inventions are not more helpful for town people, but mostly, his creations are impressive. In recent episodes, he wears brown pants,  a green necktie,  a yellow shirt with a white floral oriental print, and violet check blazer pants.

  • Boxer: Boxer is Motu’s neighbor; he is an angry man. Boxer mostly likes to wear red gloves, a white tank top, and red shorts with vertical yellow stripes. The text “BOXER” is written in red with an orange outline on the back side of his shirt. In recent episodes, he wears green shoes, green hoddie with black stripes, and denim trousers. The new Motu Patlu episodes are very famous among the children because the dressing of every character is updated and the location has also changed
  • John

John is the compelling character of the Motu patlu cartoon and the enemy of Motu Patlu. His passion for becoming Don that’s why his dialogues in this sitcom John Banega Don, John bana ga Don!” But his plans always ended, and he became arrested and taunted by society. Compared to average thieves, he is not afraid of police inspector Chingum. He is fearful of Motu and Patlu. John has a pistol and is a very experienced person in thievery. He wears eight gold rings in his hands and three gold chains around his neck, and the alphabet J is written on the locket, a symbol of John. IDue to different dominating characters like John, Pakistani and Indian children are very ambitious to watch the cartoon Motu Patlu.

  • Number 1

 Number  1 is the partner John. He tells different ideas to trap Motu Patlu, but John rejects his thoughts by saying it’s a bad idea, I have a better plan but repeat the same .he always beaten first by John, but he appreciates John’s short poems. Different game manufacturing companies make the most patlu game to interest the children watching the Motu patlu cartoon video. In recent episodes, he wears dark brown shoes, a red ascot tie, a green zig-zag shirt

  • Number 2

He is also my partner of John. He has a bandage on his nose and a dark mark on one eye, but in a recent Motu patlu 2021 cartoon, there is no dark mark on his vision and no bandage on his nose. Number 2 has brown hairs and wears a purple striped shirt, green pants, and red shoes.

  • Chaiwala

Chaiwala runs his tea shop, which is near Motu” s house. He also makes samosas, a favorite of Motu, and fantastic tea, a choice of Patlu in the city. He wears a white undershirt and towel around his neck to wipe out his drops of sweat and a lungi; in the modern town, he wears a proper uniform, updated his tea shop, and wears a blue gold chef’s hat.

Repetitive characters

  • Virus scientist

The virus is a professional scientist who always makes something new for John. He did new inventions for John for the sake of money, but John always makes him fool and gets benefits from him. John uses his gadgets on it, and then virus scientists face many troubles

  • Don Johnny

Johnny is his brother of John, so in the episode Motu Patlu Acchey Insaan, he is caught doing something wrong. In this episode, everyone says John ka bhie Johnny is wealthy.

  • Badman

Badman also has a mole on the left cheek like John because he is the twin brother of John, But in the episode cross connection, there is no more on his face.

  • Chotu

Chotu has rarely been seen in this comedy series and is Motu s nephew.

  • Munni

Munni is the younger sister of Motu.

  • Mayor Singh:

He loves to wear colored pants and a white shirt. On the uniform name tag of the mayor appeared. He is the mayor officer of Furfari.

  • Sabziwali

Sabziwali is the lady in the sitcom series who sells vegetables in the Furfari Nagar.

  • Pheri Lal

He is the second Hawaldar of Chingum, and he mostly speaks dialogue. You are great, sir.

  • Hera Singh

He is the first Hawaldar of Chingum, sir, and he mostly speaks dialogue, “Aap to tope ho, Hindustan ki hope ho.

  • Commissioner Bubblegum

Commissioner Bubblegum is a commissioner of Furfari Nagar and other villages and the father of police officer Chingum. He was impressed by Motu Patlu’s intelligence and gave them a job in police as a Havaldar. When Bubblegum realized that Motu and his friend were not capable of this job, then he fired them from the police for

  • Skull

He appeared in some episodes of Motu Patlu Europe Tour. He loves to catch animals and is known as a famous hunter of Africa. Skull first appeared in Motu Patlu’s Europe Tour Episodes.

  • Pappu-Haddi:  

Both are assistants of Khopadi.

  • Khopadi

He is the Don of Modern City and always tries to defeat Motu and his friend. He first appeared in the movie “Motu Patlu Dino Invasion

Motu patlu Movies Title
1 Kung Fu Kings 6: Motu Patlu & The Secret Of Devil’s Heart
2 Motu Patlu In Toy World
3 Motu Patlu – Planet Of No Return
4 The Secret Mission Of Motu Patlu
5 Motu Patlu Vs Dr Destroyer
6 Motu Patlu’s Dangerous Road Trip In Switzerland
7 Motu Patlu The Superheroes Vs Alien Ghost
8 Motu Patlu In The Game Of Zones
9 Motu Patlu And Robo Kids
10 Motu Patlu The Superheroes Vs Supervillains From Mars
11 Motu Patlu Dino Invasion
12 Kung Fu Kings 4: Motu Patlu And The Challenge Of Kung Fu Brothers
13 Motu Patlu In The City Of Gold
14 Motu Patlu In Octopus World
15 Kung Fu Kings 3: Motu Patlu In Hong Kong
16 Motu Patlu In Dragon World
17 Motu Patlu – The Invisible Plane
18 Motu Patlu – King of Kings
19 Motu Patlu In Double Trouble
20 Motu Patlu In Alien World!
21 Motu Patlu 36 Ghantey Race Against Time
22 Motu Patlu In Carnival Island
23 Motu Patlu Kung Fu King Returns
24 Motu Patlu Khazaane Ki Race
25 Motu Patlu Kung Fu Kings
26 Motu Patlu Deep Sea Adventure
27 Motu Patlu – Mission Moon
28 Motu Patlu In Wonderland!


Episode no. Title
1 John Banega Don
2 Pilot Training
3 Scooter Race
4 Slippery Motu
5 Discount Sale
6 The Flying Lift
7 The Evil Goggles
8 Badshah Chingum
9 Choron Ka Raja Chingum
10 Motu Patlu Acchey Insaan
12 Hansna Zaroori Hai
13 Motu The King of Tribe
14 John Ki Running Road
15 Bhooton Ki Lottery

Indian Tour Episodes

Episode no.1 Title
1 Mehnat Ki Kamayee
2 Taj Mahal Ki Chori
3 Motu Patlu In Rock Garden
4 Motu, The Anchor
5 Do Karod Ke Joote
6 Victoria 420
7 Rhinoceros Gang
8 Motu Patlu At Gateway Of India
9 Ghar Pe Kabza
10 Ghar Pe Kabza


  1. What is the favorite food of Motu?

Samosas is the favorite food of Motu

  1. What is the profession of Chingum?

Chingum is a police officer

  1. Who is the enemy of Motu?

John is the enemy of Motu patlu

  1. What is the name of the person who gives ideas in all situations?

Patlu gives ideas in all situations to solve problems.



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