Valve Says Steam Deck Is On Track To Ship By End Of February

Back in November, Valve gave everyone bad news and revealed a two-month delay for the Steam Deck, but it’s off to a better start to 2022. in the latest update, the company says it “looks like” Steam Deck shipments will begin in late February. We are of course in a pandemic and things can always change, but the pre-order windows for roadside staffers hold their own with their original projections – you can check your status here.

Just as important as the hardware, however, are the games you’re trying to play on the thing. Valve apparently shipped “hundreds” of Steam Deck units to developers last month so they can ensure their PC games are fully compatible with the software environment and AMD-powered hardware.

Testing is required to get a green “verified” tick in Steam, and we’ve already seen posts on social media where the creators of the most popular titles are trying their games out on the Steam Deck. Strangely, the only thing we still don’t have is a price for or an image of the Steam Deck dock that should help you get those games on the big screen. Hopefully we’ll be looking at that in the coming weeks, and some time with Valve’s latest hardware project.

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