Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Security Highlights

This page highlights a number of the important thing factors of our Online Privacy Policy. Both this page and our online Privacy Security Policy observe to the reputable internet site of and such different web sites as we can also additionally make to be had every so often in addition to our legal functions and positive restrained functions of our social media presence that we combine with and manipulate as defined here (“FREE WEB INFO”). For extra facts, please study our entire Privacy Policy.

Information Collected

There are two types of information that we obtain from you:

non-personal information that’s collected automatically; and
personal information that you voluntarily provide to us.

We do not collect any personal information from you and also connect you with the latest updates about celebrities when you visit our site unless you expressly and voluntarily participate in an activity that asks for it and you voluntarily provide it. To put it another way, FOR US TO HAVE ACCESS TO YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION, YOU HAVE TO MAKE A CHOICE TO KNOWINGLY GIVE IT TO US.

Uses of Information

We use voluntarily provided personal information to communicate directly with you including via email, postal mail, text, and phone. We do not sell or rent your personal information to third-party data vendors or marketing channels. As you might expect, we also disclose your information when required by law.

We use non-personal information to administer our site, make it better, and make business decisions about what programs our customers might like.

Your Privacy Choices and Rights

You do not have to provide personal information to enjoy most of the features of our site. You also can opt-out of certain activities like newsletters by sending us an opt-out email or by opting out from within the newsletter itself. Additionally, you may have certain rights available to you under applicable data protection laws with respect to your personal information. Please read our to learn more about those rights.

Our Use of Cookies

We allow certain third parties to use cookies or similar technologies to collect information about your browsing activities over time following your use of the site to help us analyze how you use the site and enhance your experience when you visit the site.