Telenor Weekly Internet Bundles

Telenor Weekly Internet Bundles

By buying in the bundle “All Telenor Packages” Djuice Weekly Messaging Bundle’, the supporter gets 100 MBs of web information for WhatsApp alongside 1200 SMS at Rs 10.

The offers like Telenor 4G Weekly Super Offer and Telenor Internet Offer, Telenor prepaid and postpaid offers are for all telenor clients where they can get web information as indicated by their requirements.

Telenor provides to with weekly internet offers too. Weekly internet bundles are of different categories. Customers can subscribe to their favourite weekly bundle and enjoy the fastest internet streaming. Here are Telenor Weekly Internet Bundles.

You can subscribe following Telenor Weekly Internet Bundles offers

  • 4G internet weekly offer
  • Telenor Mega weekly easy card
  • Telenor weekly super 4Goffer
  • Telenor easy card mega plus offer
  • 4G ultra weekly internet package
  • Weekly 6 to 6 internet offer
  • Weekly 4G ultra max internet offer
  • Telenor Weekly zoom bundle

Complete detail about these services are given below

Bundle name Volume Price Validity Code
4G weekly max internet offer 30 GBs Rs. 50 7 days (12 AM to 9 AM) *19#
Telenor mega weekly easy card 10GB (including 5GB for 1AM-11AM)+2000 SMs+2000 PTCL and on-net minutes+ 70 off-net minutes Rs. 225 7 days *288#
Telenor weekly super 4Goffer 8 GB (including 4 GB for 1AM-11AM) Rs. 185 7 days *345#
Telenor easy card mega plus offer


30 GB (including 15 GB 1AM- 11AM) +5000 SMS+ 80 off-net minutes+ 5000 PTCL & on-net minutes Rs. 265 7 days *003#
4G ultra weekly internet package


8 GB ( and additional 1GB for sound cloud & Patari) Rs. 185 7 days *336#
Weekly 6 to 6 internet offer


4 GB (6 AM to 6 PM) Rs. 60 7 days *71#
Weekly 4G ultra max internet offer


20 GB (including 10 GBs for 1AM-11AM) Rs. 240 7 days *225#
Telenor Weekly zoom bundle


5 GBs (For Zoom APK) Rs. 80 7 days *56#


Apart from daily and weekly offers, Telenor also provides excellent monthly internet offers. Keep reading to get details about those offers.

Terms and Conditions for Telenor Weekly Internet Bundles

  • This offer is valid for all Telenor customers.
  • Telenor right to withdraw this offer anytime.
  • This offer can finish at any time.
  • 15 paisa will be charged as a call setup fee.
  • Federal Excise duty will also apply according to the region.

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