Zong Call Packages

Zong Call Packages

Zong always goes above and monthly call packages yond your expectations. It provides you with the packages you require. It provides different Zong daily call packages to users who enjoy regularly calling their friends and family members to learn more about them. Zong users use this website to check Zong call packages daily, monthly, and weekly codes. Customers of Zong can take advantage of attractive incentives. Customers can make low-cost calls and SMS and access the internet on their network and other networks.

Zong Call

Today, phone calls have mostly supplanted personal encounters, and everyone enjoys taking advantage of call packages. Zong has created the Zong daily, weekly, and for this reason. The call packages can be activated by entering a single code at the bottom of this page in front of each package. Zong’s Monthly call package is available for heavy users.

Zong Daily Call Package

 IT is offering daily call packages to its customer. These daily packages are the best for calls for those users who used to call on random days. So check the daily packages of Zong to activate the call package for 24 hours. These call packages are for the zong numbers.

Package Name Price Volume Validity Code
Zong daily Shandaar offer Rs.14 Unlimited Zong calls, 800 SMS, 50MB of internet 1 day *999#
Zong super student offer Rs.9 Unlimited Zong calls plus 1 GB internet for 2 hours *5555#
Zong Hello package Rs.13 150 Zong minutes, 150 SMS, 50MB Internet 1 day *2200*1#
Zong Flutter Bundle Rs.12 120 Zong minutes, 120 SMS, 50MB of internet 1 day *369#
Zong full gup bundle Rs.5 75 Zong minutes, 100 SMS, 30 MB for WhatsApp 1 day *118*1#
Zong sixer plus Rs.8 Unlimited Zong minutes, 500 SMS 1 day *666#
Zong non-stop offer Rs,10 Unlimited Zong minutes 1 day (except from 6 PM to 6 AM) *777#
  • Daily offer subscribe will also get 1MB/day

Zong Weekly Call Packages

Zong is also offering different weekly packages to its customers. A customer can choose from different weekly call packages in which you can get Zong to Zong free minutes and Zong to other networks free minutes. These seven-day call packages are best for the users who want to activate a package every week.

Package Name Price Volume Validity Code
Zong haftawar load offer Rs.250 Unlimited Zong minutes, 80 all network minutes,  unlimited SMS, 9GB 7 days *70#
Zong all in one offer Rs.200 Unlimited Zong to Zong minutes, 40 other network minutes, unlimited SMS, 3GB of internet 7 days SMS ‘’Weekly 150’’ to 6464
Zong shandaar haftwar offer Rs.120 500 Zong minutes, 40 other network minutes, 500 SMS, 500MB of internet 7 days *7#
Zong super weekly offer Rs.340 Unlimited Zong minutes, unlimited SMS, 30 GB of internet 7 days *225#
Zong Call Packages
  • Weekly offer subscribers will get 150 SMS/ Day

Monthly Zong Call Package

Zong is also offering Zong monthly call packages to its customers. These are the best Zong Call Packages. There are different call packages, and customers can subscribe to this package. All the details of these packages, like activation codes, package prices, and others, are as follows.

Package Name Price Volume Validity Codes
Zong supreme offer 30 days 5000 Zong minutes, 300 other network minutes, 5000 SMS, 12 GB of Internet 30 days *3030#
Zong super plus offer Rs.1550 unlimited Zong minutes, 600 all network minutes, unlimited SMS, 30GB of internet 30 days *1500#
Zong Monthly Mehran offer ( for Sindh) Rs.500 Unlimited Zong calls, 2GB internet, 200 SMS/ day 30 days *2345#
Zong super card Rs.675 Unlimited Zong minutes, 180 other calls, unlimited SMS, 6GB of internet 30 days Dial *6464# and press 4
Zong monthly pre-load power pack SIM 1000 Rs.1000 2000 Zong minutes, 150 other network minutes, 1500 SMS, 500 MB of internet 30 days *1313#

Zong Call Packages

Monthly offer subscribers will also get 500 SMS/day

Terms & Conditions

  • These call packages are only applicable for National calls only
  • For international networks or other local networks, standard charges will be applicable
  • The call setup charges are rs.0.15

FAQs Zong Call Packages

How can I get free minutes on Zong?

Dial *45# and get 20 Zong to Zong minutes for free

How can I check Zong’s free minutes?

To check the remaining free Zong minutes, dial *102*3#, and after this, the remaining minutes will be on your screen.

How can I activate the Zong Group offer?

  • Subscription code: *118*1#
  • Charges: rs.5 incl. tax
  • On-net minutes: 75
  • SMS: 100
  • How to unsubscribe: unsub to 1181

Zong users can check Zong call packages daily, weekly, and monthly codes given to this website. A person can subscribe to any of the above packages daily, weekly, and monthly. The activation code for these packages is also given here.

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