All Telenor Internet Packages

All Telenor Internet Packages

Telenor has also become one of the most using networks because of its amazing packages. Telenor provides its customers with a 4G service, which helps people to communicate easily through video calling and chatting on different apps and around the world. It provides multiple offers like haftawar offer and night offer, friends packages, daily, weekly, and monthly packages. Here are All Telenor Internet Packages.

Telenor has become famous day by day, and it is maintaining its name in the market by offering different Telenor internet packages At reasonable prices. Users can subscribe to the packages with just a click and enjoy the offer. Telenor provides offers to both prepaid and postpaid customers.

The internet is very important in every aspect of our lives. You can choose various internet packages according to your needs. Telenor Pakistan’s leading digital company provides data plans for everyone. The company provides exciting data offers for all types of users at reasonable prices. Telenor offers 3G and 4g internet packages for its customers.

All Telenor Internet Packages

Telenor 4G is wonderful and provides high-speed internet. Everyone can upload and download files immediately and enjoy the fast speed of the internet. Telenor gives heavy data volume in its monthly internet package. If you want to relax about the internet, you must choose Telenor monthly package and get a bucket of MBs. Let’s go to the list and enjoy a monthly internet package.

All Telenor Internet Packages

Telenor provides its customers daily packages and 4G Internet to enjoy their favourite shows on youtube and stay connected with their best ones through WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, IMO at affordable prices. So you can bring your favourite shows at the best speed in your town.

4G daily
Enjoy this offer without worrying about your budget. Subscribe to this offer in Rs. 15 + tax. Dial *13# to activate this offer.

Internet 250 MB
Validity 1 Day
Dial *13#

2- To subscribe to this offer, dial *150#. The Daily Social Pack provides 70 MBs of data for social platforms for one day at Rs. 2.50. This Day Offer Telenor offer provides 5 MB data for all usage, 100 MBs for WhatsApp, and unlimited on-net calls till midnight.

Daily youtube Pacakage
Telenor customers can avail of this offer daily just for Rs.8, including tax.

Internet 500 MB
Validity 1 day (till midnight)
Dial *60#

Raat din offer
Telenor brings the best offer in the town to enjoy your favourite shows for just Rs. 18, incl tax.
internet 1.5 GB
Validity 12 hours (12 AM – 12 PM)
Dial *150#

Package Internet Dial Validity Price
4G daily 250 MB *13# 1 day Rs.150 tax
Daily youtube package 500 MB *60#


1 day Rs.8 tax
Raat din offer 1.5 GB *150#


12 hours Rs.18 tax

All Telenor Internet Packages

3-day Telenor Internet Package

4G 3-day bundle
Avail of this offer in Rs. 44 incl tax.
Internet 1000MB (incl. 500MB 12AM – 8AM)
Validity 3 Days
Dial *32#

Day internet packages
Dial *345*91# to activate this offer which is pocket friendly, just in Rs. 35 plus tax.

Internet 300MB
 Validity 3 Days
Dial *345*91# to activate

Telenor Weekly Internet Package

Telenor brings the best offers in the town at a good speed at reasonable prices that customers avail themselves of and enjoy the packages. 

4G weekly ultra plus
Enjoy the best package in the town at Rs. 240 incl tax.
Internet 20GB (incl. 10GB 1AM – 11AM)
Validity 7 Days
Dial *225#

4G weekly ultra
Activate this package to stream your favourite shows for Rs.185, incl tax.

Internet 8GB + 1GB SoundCloud & Patari
Validity 7 Days
Dial *336#

Mega plus weekly easy card
Best weekly internet package for Rs. 260, incl tax.

Internet 24GB (Incl. 12GB 1AM – 11AM)
Validity 30 days
Dial *003# to Activate

Weekly easy card mega
To avail of this offer, dial *001# in Rs. 233. Incl tax.
Internet 12GB (Incl. 6GB 1AM – 11AM)
Dial *001# 
Validity 7 days

Weekly 6 to 6 package
Telenor provides the best speed and best options to its customers at Rs.60, incl tax. Internet 4000 MB
Validity 7 Days (6 AM – 6 PM)
Dial *71#

4G Weekly Internet max

Enjoy this offer for Rs. 150
Internet 30 GB
Validity 7 Days (12AM – 9AM)
Dial *19#

All Telenor Internet Packages

Package Internet Dial Validity Price
4G weekly ultra plus 20 GB *225# 7 days Rs. 240 tax
4G weekly ultra 8GB + 1GB SoundCloud & Patari *336# 7 days Rs. 185 tax
Mega plus weekly easy card 24GB (Incl. 12GB 1AM – 11AM)
*003# 7 days Rs.260 tax
Weekly easy card mega 12GB (Incl. 6GB 1AM – 11AM)
*001#  7 days Rs.233 tax
Weekly 6 to 6 offer 4000 MB *71# 7 days Rs.60 tax
4G weekly internet max 30 GB *19# 7 days Rs. 50 tax

Telenor Internet Packages

Telenor Monthly Internet Package

Telenor monthly package makes everyone’s life easy. The monthly package is an excellent source for saving much money, and it includes monthly call packages for Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, monthly SMS packages, and monthly internet packages, including monthly WhatsApp package, monthly youtube package, and monthly IMO package. If anyone starts work on a mobile phone and he faces troubles recharge balance, again and again, he could get some relief by subscribing to the monthly internet packages. Monthly packages give you ease for the whole month. Telenor also provides supplementary offers.

4G Monthly Ultra Plus

Best monthly internet package just in Rs.700. tension-free browsing, live streaming, chatting, calling, gaming, and many more. The subscription is for 30 days. You can re-subscribe to this package at any time.

Internet: 50 GB
Dial: *303
Validity: 30 days

4G Monthly Lite

Telenor provides the best 4G Services to its customers at affordable prices. Customers can subscribe to this offer any time only for Rs.160, and its validity is for 30 days. Enjoy this whole offer month. Price may vary from place to place. All Telenor users are eligible for this offer. You can subscribe to this offer multiple times during the validity.

Internet: 4G (incl. 2GB 1AM – 11AM)
Dial: *301#
Validity: 30 days

9 GB Monthly budget

You can subscribe to this offer at only Rs.500. you can use it on laptops handsets where ever you want at affordable prices. 345*2001# is The activation code of this offer.

Validity: 30 days
Dial: *345*2001#

4G Monthly unlimited

You can get 275 GB in just Rs. 6000, and it is valid for 30 days. You can activate this anytime. The activation code is *345*1004#. You can use it for WhatsApp, youtube, IMO, Twitter, etc.

Internet: 275 GB

Validity: 30 days

Dial: *345*1004#

4G Monthly value

Activate this offer for Rs.550 and enjoy this whole month.

Internet 150 GB (Limited Time Offer)
Validity 30 Days
Dial *345*1003#

Monthly social pack plus:
Enjoy this social pack plus for 30 days for Rs.75, incl tax.
Facebook, WhatsApp & Twitter 6,000 MB
Validity 30 Days
Dial *660#

Monthly social pack:
stay socialized throughout the month and Activate this offer by dialling *911# just in Rs.44.45 including tax.
Facebook, WhatsApp & Twitter 2500 MB
Internet 100 MB
Dial *911#

4G Monthly Starter Bundle:

Telenor offering this offer in Rs.310 incl tax, it gives better speed and quality at affordable prices.

Internet 8 GB (incl. 4 GB 1AM – 7AM)
Validity 30 Days
Dial *302#

4G Monthly Super:

Enjoy monthly streaming and socialize just in Rs. 335 incl tax.
Internet 12000MB (incl. 6000MB 1AM-11AM)
Validity 30 Days
Dial *345*169#

Package Internet Dial Validity Price
4G monthly ultra plus


50 Gb *303 30 days Rs.700
4G monthly lite (incl. 2GB 1AM – 11AM) *301# 30 days Rs.160
4G monthly unlimited 275 GB *345*1004# 30 days Rs.6000
4G monthly ultra  10 GB (12 AM – 8 AM) *335# 30 days Rs.450
9 GB monthly budget 9 GB *345*2001# 30 days Rs.500
4G monthly value 150 GB *345*1003# 30 days Rs.550
Monthly social pack plus 6000 MB *660#


30 days Rs. 75
Monthly social pack plus 2500 MB *911# 30 days Rs.44.45
4G monthly starter bundle 8 GB *302#


30 days Rs.310
4G monthly super 12000MB (incl. 6000MB 1AM-11AM) *345*169# 30 days Rs. 335

All Telenor Internet Packages

3 Month Telenor Internet packages:
30GB, 3 Month Bundle

Subscribe to this offer for three months, 10 GB of Internet each month. The activation code for this offer is *345*2004# for Rs. 1600.

Internet 30 GB (10GB/30 days)
Validity 90 Days
Dial *345*2004#

International Telenor packages:
Telenor provides offers to its international customers at affordable prices.

Mega data bundle Thailand/Malaysia/Turkey/Singapore All Telenor Internet Packages

Enjoy 3000 MBs in Rs. 999 for 30 days. You can activate this offer for free just dial *759#. Enjoy this offer even outside the country.

Internet 3,000 MBs
Dial *759# (Dial for Free)
Validity 30 Days

Free Snapchat package:
Get this offer by just dialling *915# to activate.

Internet 2000 MB Snapchat
Validity 30 Days
Dial *915#

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