Telenor Postpaid and Prepaid Internet Bundles

Telenor Postpaid and Prepaid Internet Bundles

Telenor is the largest telecommunication network across the world. It is providing its services all across Pakistan. Whether it is a backward village of Sindh or Punjab, Telenor serves the nation everywhere. Telenor is the network with millions of users across the country.

It was originated from Norway in 1895 and then spread its network all across Asia and Eastern Europe. Telenor introduced in Pakistan about 18 years ago, in 2004. Its headquarter in Pakistan is situated in Islamabad. The name Telenor Pakistani CEO is Irfan Wahab Khan. Its regional offices are present almost all across Pakistan. It has introduced many other services too.

Telenor Easypaisa app is working like a bank account that is presenting users many other opportunities too. You can enrol for different types of insurance can take loans. Health services, cooking recipes, entertainment shows, and many more. All these services are satisfying its millions of users all across the world. Here are Telenor Postpaid and Prepaid Internet Bundles.

Telenor Internet Packages

Telenor is one of the biggest internet services providers in Pakistan. Its fastest internet speed is attracting more customers. Telenor’s strong signals are why many new customers are shifting their mobile network to it. In the COVID pandemic, Telenor served the students with different offers so that they could study online without any difficulty.

Telenor presents the customers with different internet offers. You can avail of postpaid and prepaid internet services through the Easypaisa app or apply the services code. Some of the internet packages by Telenor are named as

  • Telenor Daily Lite Bundle
  • Raat Din Offer
  • Telenor Video Bundle
  • Easycard super 4G internet bundles

All these telenor packages provide specific internet streaming services. You can choose any of them to enjoy the fastest internet speed at your home or office or any other comfortable place. Following is the complete detail of all the Telenor internet packages that you can avail of according to your choice.

A Detailed List of Telenor Internet Packages (Prepaid)

You might be searching for the best Telenor internet packages. This article is for you. Details of each Telenor package are given with the service code. Please read it and subscribe to any of those packages for enjoying the fastest Telenor internet.

Telenor provides the following internet data categories.

  1. Telenor Daily Internet bundles
  2. Telenor 3 day Internet bundles
  3. Telenor Weekly Internet bundles
  4. Telenor Monthly Internet bundles

All these internet bundles are for prepaid customers. Keep reading for whole the information about these bundles.

Telenor Daily Internet Bundles

In this internet data category, Telenor provides three types of offers for its customers. You can subscribe following internet packages in this category.

  • Telenor YouTube bundle for one day
  • Telenor rat din offer
  • Telenor social pack offer
Bundle name Volume Validity Price Code
Daily YouTube Bundle 500 MBs (YouTube Only) 1 day Rs. 8 *60#
Raat din Offer 1500 MBs 12 AM-12 PM Rs. 18 *150#
Daily Social Pack 70 MBs 1 day Rs. 25 *311#

Telenor 3 day Internet Bundles

This is another internet bundle offered by Telenor for its customers. Telenor offers 100 MBs for 3 days in just 44 rupees. Customers are offered 500 MBs to use at any time of the day and the other 500 MBs only for 12 AM-8 PM.

Complete detail of this package is given below.

Telenor Postpaid and Prepaid Internet Bundles

Bundle name Volume Validity Price Code
Telenor 3 day Internet package 1000 MBs (including 500 MBs for 12 AM to 8 PM) 3 days Rs. 44 *32#

Telenor Monthly Internet Bundles

Following are the monthly internet bundles that customers can subscribe to.

  • Monthly social internet bundles
  • 4G monthly super
  • 4G monthly lite internet bundle
  • 4G monthly starter internet bundle
  • 4G monthly ultra plus internet bundle
  • Telenor monthly social pack plus bundle
  • Snapchat bundles

Telenor Postpaid Internet Packages

Telenor offers 11 types of postpaid internet offers. Detail of all these Telenor postpaid internet bundles are given following.

Bundle Name Volume Price Validity Code
Data bolts 300 3 GB Rs. 314 30 days *38#
Data bolts 450 5 GB Rs. 470 30 days *37#
Data bolts 700 8 GB Rs. 731 30 days *36#
Data bolts 1000 15 GB Rs. 1044 30 days *35#
Data bolts 1500 25 GB Rs. 1567 30 days *34#
Freedom internet 2000 25 GB Rs. 2749 30 days *345#
Weekly sports bundle 2 GB (cricket) Rs. 20 7 days *196#
5 GB YouTube add-on internet bundle 5 GB (YouTube) Rs. 254 30 days *78#
10 GB YouTube add-on internet bundle 10 GB (YouTube) Rs. 508 30 days *72#
Data add-on internet bundle 15 GB (6 AM to 6 PM) Rs. 508 30 days *899#
Mega internet data bundle 3 GB (Turkey, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore) Rs. 999 30 days *759#
Telenor Postpaid and Prepaid Internet Bundles

Telenor is introducing new internet bundles to its customers regularly to attract more people to this network. We have given you the complete details of Telenor internet packages currently in and popular. You can choose any of your favourite Telenor internet bundles from the prepaid or postpaid category and can have the best internet experience.

Disclaimer for Telenor Postpaid and Prepaid Internet Bundles:

We have given here the details of packages from the original website of Telenor. The package details and rates can change according to the company’s policy.

FAQs for Telenor Postpaid and Prepaid Internet Bundles

Q: How can I get 30GB monthly internet data on Telenor?

A: You can get 30GB Telenor internet data by entering the code *225#. This offer will last in a month once subscribed.

Q: How much Telenor balance will I get on a 100Rs load?

A: You will get 88.99 rupees on 100Rs load.

Q: How to subscribe 6 AM-6 PM Telenor internet bundle?

A: You can subscribe to this offer by dialling *71#. It will cost you 45.49Rs. You will get 4GB of internet data.

Q: How to check internet MBs on Telenor?

A: Dial *999# from your Telenor sim for checking the internet bundles.

Q: How to subscribe to Telenor 3 day internet bundle?

A: Dial *91# or *345*91# for activating a 3 day Telenor internet bundle.

Q: How to activate a Telenor monthly internet bundle for WhatsApp?

A:  Dial *911# to get 2500 MBs for Whatsapp and Facebook in 45.45 rupees for a month.

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