Ufone Internet Packages

Ufone Internet Packages
Ufone Internet Packages



 Ufone Internet Packages

Ufone is dedicated to offering high-quality voice and Internet Packages at low prices with no hidden fees. It provides high-quality 4G service in all major cities across Pakistan. Its high-speed 4G connectivity empowers Ufone users and supports its desire to promote the Government of Pakistan’s vision for a Digital Pakistan.

Ufone offers International Roaming to more than 300 live operators in more than 130 countries, extending its reach beyond national borders. As stated in Ufone’s famous brand tagline, the firm is continually inventing and refining its goods and services to meet its consumers’ expanding and evolving demands. Customers remain at the center of Ufone’s basic business strategy, constantly reiterated in Ufone’s popular brand slogan. Tum Hi To Ho!

Below is a detailed breakdown of Ufone Internet packages, including pricing, duration, and other characteristics. Let’s seeUfone Internet Packages.

Ufone Internet Packages

Ufone Internet Packages will be an excellent option to receive high-speed internet access. Whether you only need one device or your entire household has gone on strike and refuses to stop, Ufone offers something for everyone! This isn’t simply affordable access, with four different monthly plans at variable costs (including free minutes), speeds ranging from 128kbps to 2Mbps+, and monthly hardware charges of PKR 10+/- depending on the Package picked. It is indeed fast too.

Ufone Hourly Internet Packages

Ufone has launched a new package that includes 60 minutes of internet, unlimited SMS to any network, and unlimited MBs for all subscribers. Once this deal goes live today, all you have to do is phone *99#. With Ufone Power Hour, you may stay charged all day. Prepaid users can take advantage of this one-of-a-kind offer. As a result, you can boost your energy levels and stay productive at any hour of the day or night. Here is a list of some of the top Ufone packages available for you to utilize throughout time. This includes their hourly data plan in its entirety!

Ufone Power Hour Packages

Package Name MBs/SMS/ Calling Minutes Activation code Deactivation code Price Validity
Ufone Power Hour 60 MB internet, 60 U-U minutes, 60 SMS *99# Automatically expires after 1 Hour Rs 10 Valid for an hour from the time of Activation
Streaming Offer 500 MB for DailyMotion & Youtube streaming *78# Automatically expires after 1 Hour Rs 10 Valid for an hour from the time of Activation

Ufone Daily Internet Packages 

Customers may purchase an Internet data bundle from Ufone. The firm provides three separate packages, each with its advantages.

Ufone Special Daily Internet Plan

The Special Daily internet plan includes 500 MB of data, including Facebook and Twitter, and 50 MB. It’s only accessible on weekdays from 1 am to 9 pm for Rs 6 each day! Customers must phone *3461# or use a mobile app/website to access this Package. If you haven’t already, enter the code provided to activate the deal online. Call *706# to see what resources are left behind after using these services.

Subscription *3461#
Price Rs 6
Validity 1 am to 9 pm

Daily Lite Package

Customers who are heavy social media users would enjoy this Package because it includes 500 MB (Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp) plus 40 MB for other purposes for just Rs 12. Customers interested in this excellent deal may sign up by calling *2258 from their mobile device or visiting the Ufone official website and app!

Subscription *2256#
Price Rs 12
Validity 24 hours (1 day)

Mega Ufone Internet Package

Prepaid clients who use the most data at night are eligible for this special daily deal. For Rs 15, they get 2GB of internet access from 1 am to 8 am. To activate it, interested users must dial *550# or “My Ufone” on their mobile device, and interested prepaid sim cardholders can dial *706# or “My Ufone” on their phone.

Subscription *550#
Price Rs 15
Validity 1 am to 8 pm

Daily heavy Package

This plan is suitable for persons who are frequent users of social media. In just 18 RS a day, you can get 500 MB (Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp) plus 75 MB of other stuff with the Daily Higher offer! You have the option to subscribe. Customers interested in this Package online can subscribe to it by calling *2258# from their mobile device or visiting the Ufone official website/app.

Subscription *2258#
Price Rs 18
Validity 24 hours (1 day)

Daily Pakistan Offer

Customers of Ufone may obtain 100 minutes of call time and 10 megabytes of data per day for Rs. 18, which includes all taxes (Rs 15). Customers may also activate “Daily Pakistan” deals on their mobile devices by dialing *888*. Enjoy additional perks like unlimited data consumption with a one-day validity or restricted roaming packs at low costs every 24 hours!

Daily Chat Bundle

With Ufone’s Daily Chat package, customers can get 500 MB of WhatsApp bandwidth and 10,000 SMS for just Rs. 6 per day! Customers may sign up for the service by accessing the mobile app or dialing *3465# on their phone. If they phone *706* from within it before checking out any further incentives available in this Package, they’ll have access to special bonuses.

3 days Internet Package

From the date and hour of Activation, the 3 days bucket is available for 3 days.

Subscription *3350#
Price Rs 30
Validity 3 days

Ufone Weekly Internet Bundle

Like other telecommunications companies, Ufone does not want its consumers to have difficulties deciding which Package is best for them. As a result, they provide recurring bundles depending on consumption frequency and weekly and monthly packages to fit almost any demand.

Weekly Lite Package

Weekly Lite 3G is ideal for folks who wish to access the internet on their phone but don’t want unlimited data or minutes. The 3G plan includes 0 off-net minutes, 2000 MBS, and 2GB of Internet use every week.

Subscription *7811#
Price Rs 50
Validity 7 days

Weekly Super Internet Package

The Weekly Super Internet Package from Ufone is a great way to get internet connectivity. It offers consumers unlimited bandwidth and data for one week and free domestic and international calls; it also offers 1024 MB of mobile internet every day (which you can upgrade up from 512). All that’s left now is for you to enter your UFONE credentials – follow the simple instructions below!

Subscription *220#
Price Rs 130
Validity 7 days

Weekly Ufone Internet Plus

The Weekly Internet Plus deal is a fantastic way to receive three gigabytes of data every week! This Package will last the whole week without interruptions. From morning till night, you won’t stop yourself from having a good time at the cost of only RS.175.

Subscription *260#
Price Rs 175
Validity 7 days

Ufone Internet Packages For 15 Days

Ufone Super Mini Card

Using Ufone Mini Super Cards is the most convenient way to make phone calls. For only Rs 330, you may purchase a card with 500 minutes online and 75 minutes offline, as well as 3500 SMS or 600 MB of data. With this high-speed connection, you’ll be able to view movies on your phone without buffering while also using Whatsapp! Dial *230*# to become a subscriber. The deal is only good for 15 days.

Super Card Plus Offer

You may acquire a month’s worth of on-net minutes (1200), 180 off-net lines, and 4200 SMS messages for just 599 rupees. There are no restrictions on the amount of time you may spend on it. So, discuss as much as you like or send a message to anyone. Use high-speed internet for back-to-back videos as well — it’s only 29Rs/GB! When it comes to acquiring this amazing prepaid plan from Ufone in Pakistan called “Super Card Plus,” you may get a terrific price.

Monthly Ufone 3G Internet Package

The Ufone Monthly 1 GB 3G bundle comes with 2GB of Social Bundle data and a monthly data cap of 1024 GB. For the next 30 days, you will enjoy unrestricted access to Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram!

Monthly 3G Package

The Ufone Monthly 3G Package is a terrific offer for anyone who needs constant connectivity. The social Package package with 2GB of data and the monthly limit means you may surf up to 10 GB every month for just Rs 1,560.

Validity Monthly
Price Rs. 1,560

Monthly Max Package

You get 10 GB of bandwidth and unrestricted social browsing with this internet bundle from Ufone 4G. (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter). The validity duration is one month every month. For convenience, call *5100# or go to the app to subscribe or unsubscribe!

Subscription *5100#
Price Rs 1000
Validity 30 days

Ufone Social Data Packages

The Ufone 4G Monthly Social Internet Bundle is a new 30-day internet subscription from Ufone 4G. This Package includes 1 GB of unlimited high-speed internet and unfettered social browsing (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger & Twitter). The monthly validity period implies that the subscriber may use it whenever they want, without any limits, and receive an additional month every year! Dial *5858# to become a subscriber.

Package Name Allowed Applications Activation code Deactivation code Price Validity
Social daily bucket WhatsApp, Facebook & Twitter *4242# Type “Unsub” and send it to 5444 Rs 6 24 hours
Social monthly bucket WhatsApp, Facebook & Twitter *5858# The monthly Package will automatically expire after 1 month RS 60 1 month

Ufone Internet Packages for Postpaid Subscribers

Ufone offers a variety of Internet packages for its Postpaid clients to cater to their needs.

Package Name MBs Activation code Deactivation code Price Validity
Prime Play 1000 1000 MBs *323# The monthly Package will automatically expire after 1 month Rs 100 Valid for 30 days
Prime Play 3000 3000 MBs *434# The monthly Package will automatically expire after 1 month Rs 250 Valid for 30 days
Prime Play 6000 6000 MBs *656# The monthly Package will automatically expire after 1 month Rs 500 Valid for 30 days
Prime Play 10000 10000 MBs *989# The monthly Package will automatically expire after 1 month Rs 750 Valid for 30 days

Uth Internet Packages

You may check your Uth internet plan use by phoning *706#.

Package Name MBs Activation code Deactivation code Price Validity
Daily Lethal Surfer 50 MBs *6850# Type “Unsub” and send it to 6851 Rs 10 24 hours (1 day)
Monthly 1.5 GB *6860# The monthly Package will automatically expire after 1 month Rs 150 1 Month (30 days)
Super Monthly 4 GB *6870# The monthly Package will automatically expire after 1 month Rs 500 1 Month (30 days)

3G/4G Internet Buckets with Free On-net, off-net Minutes & SMS

Package Name MBs/SMS/ Calling Minutes Activation code Deactivation code Price Validity
3 days Hybrid Bucket 30 MBs, 300 U-U, PTCL and Vfone, 300 SMS *5353# The Package will automatically expire after 3 days Rs 30 3 days
Mega Internet Offer 2 GB *550# Rs 15 1 am to 8 pm

Some FAQS about Ufone Internet Packages

  1. How can I check how much data I have left on my Ufone plan?

To check your Ufone remaining data balance, call 706# for prepaid customers and 4545# for postpaid customers.

  1. I want to sign up for my Ufone Internet Packages daily, weekly, or monthly. I’m not sure how I’m going to do it?

In the above table, you’ll find the USSD code for acquiring a subscription for each bundle based on your preferences.

  1. Is it possible to get free internet and bonuses if I use my Ufone number?

To obtain free internet perks for your Ufone number, dial *987#. On your first try, you can earn a large bonus of 5GB of data!

  1. What is the procedure for activating the Ufone Super Internet Package?

To activate Ufone Super Internet for your Ufone number, dial *290#. You might receive 13 GB of internet bandwidth and 5 GB of Whatsapp storage!

  1. What are the best Internet Packages of Ufone?

According to our research, Ufone customers choose daily internet bundles. These internet plans offer the most value for money, offering more data at a low price.

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