Jazz Call Packages

 Jazz Call Packages Daily, Weekly, And Monthly   In 2022

Jazz became the voice of Pakistan in 1999, and it launched under the name PMCL. Almost 72 million people use jazz, and nearly 34 million people are 4G users.

Daily, weekly, and monthly jazz call packages are provided to prepaid and postpaid users to facilitate them according to their requirements. Jazz provides an offer to both prepaid and postpaid customers. Their unique and affordable packages won people’s hearts, which is why more shifted/switched to this network. Here is Jazz Call Packages


Jazz call packages are available for all customers at reasonable prices and give a variety of packages hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly. You can subscribe to these in one click and enjoy them with your friends and family. People want unlimited messages, calls, and on-net minutes bundled with super 4G internet by subscribing to any packages at low prices. Mobilink always provides packages that are within everyone’s” range.


Jazz gives many daily packages for all customers at different prices. You can subscribe to daily packages for only one day and specific hours of the day. Daily packages have unlimited minutes and complimentary messages, and they have validity for one day. You can use these offers all day.

Package name Free on-net minute Free off-net minute Free SMS Free MBs Validity Price How to subscribe
Jazz super F and F pkg Unlimited —– Unlimited —- One day Rs.9.56 *141* #
Apna sheher pkg ( Selected cities) Unlimited —- 1500 100 One day Rs.10  *229#
Jazz Punjab pkg (selected cities) Unlimited —- 1000 250 One day Rs.12 *400#
Jazz Sindh pkg Unlimited —- 1500 250 One day Rs.12 *522#
Karachi daily hybrid pkg Unlimited —- 1500 250 One day Rs.12.72 *400#
Kpk daily offer Unlimited —- 1500 250 One day Rs.13 *291#
Jazz day bundle 300 300 20 One day Rs.14 *340#
Jazz daily super 1440 50  


One day Rs.18 *212#
Jazz super plus 500 5 500 500 One day Rs.30 *558#

Jazz Call Packages


Jazz offers reasonable weekly packages to prepaid customers. Users enjoy these offers seven days a week and subscribe to the proposal by given codes in the details below. People subscribe to these offers to save money and data because these packages are economical; otherwise, calls and internet MBs are expensive and not affordable for people. So jazz provides packages at the cheapest rates.

Packages Free on-net minute Free off-net minute Free SMS Free MBs validity Price How to subscribe
Jazz new sim 1000 1000 1000 Seven days Rs.0  *191#
Jazz 4G sim 500 500 5000 Seven days Rs.0 *443*7#
Jazz super sim offer 600 30 600 6000 Seven days Rs.50  *476#
Jazz weekly voice offer 600 Seven days Rs.75 *211#
Jazz work from the home bundle Unlimited 10000 Seven days Rs.95 *117*14#
Jazz Sargodha weekly offer 2000 2000 2000 Seven days Rs.100 *627#
Jazz weekly hybrid 1000 2o 1000 1000 Seven days Rs.120 *407#
Jazz has to war all-rounder package 1000 50 1000 1000 Seven days Rs.120 *747#
Jazz weekly social plus 1000 1000 8000 Seven days Rs.150 *505#
Jazz weekly all network pkg 1000 60 1000 2000 Seven days Rs.170 *700#
Jazz weekly super duper offer 1500 60 1500 3000 Seven days Rs.210 *770#
Jazz weekly super plus offer 5000 70 5000 12000 Seven days Rs.260 *505#
Jazz weekly supermax 6000 80 6000 30000 Seven days Rs.327 *506#

Jazz Call Packages


Mobilink offers monthly packages at reasonable prices. Jazz Monthly packages are available, especially by the workers or those doing online work. Monthly packages are affordable for them, and they can enjoy minutes, internet, and messages at the cheapest rates.

Package Free on-net minute Free off-net minute   Free SMS Free MBs validity Price How to subscribe
Jazz monthly hybrid bundle 10000 50 2500 2000 30 days Rs.444 *430#
Mahana bachat offer 22o 30 2000 4000 30 days Rs.75 *614#
Jazz monthly premium 250 25000 30 days Rs.620 *2000#
Monthly super duper 2000 150 2000 2000 30 days Rs.600 *706#
Monthly awesome duper monthly card 2000 150 3000 7000 30 days Rs.600 *601#
Jazz super duper plus card 5000 300 5000 15000 30 days Rs.1099 *707#


Jazz call/voice packages are provided at one click to their customers to avail themselves of all the services at the cheapest rates. Postpaid package plan included unlimited calls for jazz and warid, local network minutes, messages, and super 4G data.   Enjoy all postpaid offers at excellent prices according to your needs.

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