Telenor Call Packages

Telenor Call Packages

With 147 million active subscribers, the Telenor communication group is one of the most well-known and very well-known enterprises in the world.

The majority of its subscribers are from Asia and the Nordic countries. It has been operating and building a mobile network in Pakistan since 2004, when it was granted a GSM license. Later, in March 2005, they created Telenor Pakistan, a multimedia platform for commercial mobile services. Telenor has 48 million active subscribers, the second-largest number behind Jazz. Telenor now offers various services in Pakistan at multiple prices; it controls 27% of the cellular market and employs over 1300 people.

Telenor currently outperforms its competition daily in Pakistan by providing outstanding network services at reasonable pricing. It has grown to become Pakistan’s most popular mobile network because it offers a variety of low-cost packages, including internet, SMS, and call packages. Here is Telenor Call Packages

Telenor is always aware of their customers’ needs and offers a variety of call packages to ensure that you can subscribe without difficulty. It provides packages for both postpaid and prepaid consumers to enjoy their communication. Telenor now has 3 million active 4G subscribers and provides a variety of call packages to suit your needs. Telenor offers a variety of call packages that you may choose from based on your budget and requirements. This post will describe the Telenor call packages you can subscribe to based on your preferences and needs.

Below is a detailed breakdown of Telenor call packages, including pricing, duration, and other characteristics.

Telenor Hourly, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Call Packages

Telenor offers a variety of call packages at low prices, such as hourly, daily, and weekly, so you can activate and communicate with your friends and family. You will find all the necessary information, such as subscribing to packages, here. You’ll need to call the number to activate your plan if you don’t know.

Telenor Hourly Call Packages

Telenor offers a variety of packages to satisfy customers’ needs, depending on their price and time constraintsLikeke any other network carri, iter offers hourly call packages that are particularly useful for customers who need to make brief calls of 20 to 30 minutes. If you only need to make one or two calls per hour, you should activate the hourly call packages, which will save you money and give you voice data for one or two hours.

The following is a complete list of the hourly call packages available by dialling the codes.


Package Name Price Details Duration Activation code
Telenor good time offer Rs 7 incl tax Unlimited minutes + 250MBs internet 2 hours *345*20#


Telenor Daily Call Package

Package Name Price Details Duration Activation Code
Telenor daily offer Rs 10 incl tax 10000 Telenor minutes+ 20 MBs internet One day (6 am to 6 pm) *345*006#
Telenor Full Day Offer Rs 18 incl tax Unlimited Telenor minutes + 60 social MBs + 15 MBs internet One day *5*250#
Telenor mini-budget package Rs 15 incl tax 50 Telenor Minutes + 300 SMS One day *240#
Telenor 100 minute mini-budget package Rs 18 incl tax 100 Telenor minutes+ 300 SMS One day *050#
Telenor Djuice offer Rs 13 incl tax Unlimited on-net minutes + 200 SMS One day *345*031#
Telenor 24 hours Offer Rs 16 incl tax 75 Telenor minutes One day *345#*24#

Telenor provides a variety of daily call bundles for clients that make several calls regularly. You no longer need to waste your credit on conventional call rates because Telenor offers fantastic deals that provide you with enough call data for the day at a meagre cost. Telenor’s daily call packages are ideal for people who don’t make short calls or call for long periods. Because regular call prices would quickly deplete your balance if you do not subscribe to a package and make calls for a long time, network operators introduce package deals for their valued consumers.

Telenor has several new options for its clients, including 250 Telenor minutes for 11 rupees for Telenor subscribers who dial *5250# to enrol.

The table below contains a complete list of Telenor daily call bundles. For your convenience, I’ve attached all of the relevant information.

Telenor 3 Day Call Package

Telenor is always aware of their customers’ needs and offers packages within their means without causing any balance issues. It also provides three-day call packages, ideal for those who don’t want to commit to daily packages. The advantage of the three-day Telenor call packages is that they include both off-network minutes and internet access. These deals are designed specifically for customers who wish to acquire free minutes and MBs for two or three days at a low cost.

The three-day call package is described below, and you can activate any of the options that best suit your needs and preferences.Telenor Call Packages

Package Name Price Details Duration Activation Code
Three din Sahulat Offer Rs80.47 incl tax 250 Telenor minutes + 250 SMS + 250 MBs +25 off-network minutes + 100 social MBS Three days *5*3#
3-day din bar offer Rs 24.50 incl tax Unlimited Telenor call Three days (6 am to 6 pm) *345*626#
Three day super Hit Rs 34.00 incl tax Unlimited Telenor calls Three days except for 7 pm to 10 pm *345*299#
All in one offer Rs 50 incl tax Rs 75 balance for all network call+ 500 MBS internet and SMS Three days *2*20#
Three days on the net offer Rs 30 incl tax 250 Telenor minutes+ 500 SMS + 15 MBs internet Three days *730#
Telenor 3/3 Offer Rs 46.61 incl tax 600 on-net minutes + SMS + 300 MBs internet Three days *345*243#


Telenor Weekly Call Package

Weekly, daily, and monthly call packages were created by Telenor, with each weekly plan including a different volume of voice and internet data. Customers choose the weekly call packages because of the inexpensive rates and large data allowance. These call packages are tailored to folks who make frequent calls to their families and friends.

Here’s an overview of Telenor’s’s Weekly call plans, including prices, durations, details, and activation codes.

Telenor Call Packages

Package Name Price Details Duration Activation Code
Haftawar chapter par offer Rs 90 incl tax 2000 Telenor minutes + 80 MBs internet Seven days Through Telenor APP
Hartawar Sahulat Offer Rs 115 incl tax 1000 Telenor minutes + 100 off-network minutes+ 100 MBs internet with 350 Social MBs Seven days *5*7#
7-day mini-budget offer Rs 86 incl tax 500 Telenor Minutes + 1000 SMS + 50 MBs internet Seven days *345*247#
Telenor EasyCard weekly package Rs 160 incl tax 500 Telenor Minutes + 500 SMS + 50 off-network minutes+ 750 MBs internet Seven days Load a card to subscribe to the offer
Telenor mega easy card Rs 222 incl tax 2000 Telenor minutes+ 70 off-network minutes+ 1000 SMS + 1000 MBs internet Seven days *001#
Sahulat mini offer Rs 75 incl tax 200 Telenor minutes + 20 off-network  minutes + 100 MBs internet + 200 Social MBs Seven days Dial 170
Weekly easy card plus offer Rs 75 incl tax 1500 Telenor Minutes + 60 Off network minutes + 3000 MBs internet Seven days *175#


Telenor Monthly Call Package

Monthly Telenor call packages are the most cost-effective for individuals who subscribe to the package daily or weekly. You must subscribe to a monthly package to call your loved ones at any time and from any location. The Telenor call plan provides you with enough data for the entire month at a meagre cost. Telenor offers several monthly call packages, each of which includes different call plans.

Here’s a rundown of the monthly call packages, including pricing, data, and other details.

Telenor Call Packages

Package Name Price Details Duration Activation Code
Telenor Mahana Rakhwala Offer Rs 418 incl tax 3000 Telenor Minutes+ 3000 SMS + 300 MBs internet One month *345*30#
Telenor easy card Rs 350 incl tax 500 Telenor and PTCL minutes + 50 off-network minutes + 500 SMS + 500 MBs internet One month Load an easy card to subscribe offer
Telenor Easy card 800 Rs 800 incl tax 3000 Telenor minutes + 300 off-network minutes + 3000 SMS + 3000 MBs internet One month From retailer centre


Since 2005, Telenor cellular mobile network provider has been one of Pakistan’s major network companies. It now has approximately 47 million active users, making it the most well-known company globally. Telenor provides its valued customers with a range of call packages at meagre rates. Telenor has always created packages that are within everyone’s budget.

In this article, we’ll go over Telenor call packages and how to sign up for the one that best suits your needs.

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